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Transplant Grants

The Boomer Esiason Foundation offers financial assistance for people living with CF who are pursuing lung transplantation. A new link – Tx Grants – has been added to our Information Resources, Financial Assistance page. Here is the explanation provided by BEF:

While the cost of transplantation is typically covered by most insurance companies, travel and relocation costs are typically absorbed by the patient’s families. The BEF Lung Transplant Grant Program is one way the Foundation works to give back to people with CF in the here and now, by helping families pay for the expenses that are not covered by their insurance.

Possible expenses to the recipient and family include, but are not limited to: patient and family costs for transportation to and from the surgery site, and to and from clinic visits after the transplant; and housing, food, and living expenses associated with relocation to the transplant site. Last year, the Foundation awarded nearly $100,000 in transplant grants.

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