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The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) has produced a survey to gather information from the CF community regarding their health insurance coverage. Here’s the CFF announcement:

The CF Foundation has launched a landmark study to understand insurance coverage, access to care, and cost.

The 2018 CF Health Insurance Survey is part of a pivotal study to better understand how people with cystic fibrosis experience health insurance, access to care, and cost. The 20-minute survey is available to patients and families at

As the health care system changes, gathering information around how people with CF navigate insurance challenges, what challenges they face, and how coverage impacts access to care is pressing. This study includes an online survey for people with CF and caregivers as well as in-depth interviews. Results will be used to advocate for the needs of people with CF and help shape Compass programming to address widespread challenges. 

To achieve a realistic cross-section of the CF community, we aim to hear from individuals from diverse socioeconomic, geographic, and racial/ethnic backgrounds.

Information from a broad cross section of the CF community will help CFF build more effective programs and develop more compelling advocacy. Please take the time to complete the insurance survey at:

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