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Evolution of CFFC

CFFC is undergoing major change. Most significantly, our president, Kori Tolbert Doherty, is relocating to Denver to connect with the clinic nationally recognized as the experts in her particular CF expressions. Naturally, Rick Doherty, our vice president and Kori’s husband, is also moving to Denver.

Anyone who knows Kori, recognizes her unique spirit and dedication to helping her peers in the CF community. Combined with Rick’s forward looking observations, they bolstered CFFC’s existing programs and led us to consider new avenues of support. In addition to their leadership and inspiration, Kori and Rick brought new life to CFFC through the funds raised by the 3-on-3 basketball tournaments run in 2010-2012. We will miss them.

Two other key players have relocated to Florida. Tracy Brooks, who was a director and coordinated Hospital Help Packets for Golisano Children’s Hospital, was drawn away by a promotion. A warmer climate for retirement attracted Sandy Doherty who coordinated Hospital Help Packets for Highland Hospital.

Fortunately, we have a vibrant CF community that has produced replacements for the key vacancies on our organization. Karly Schuhart has joined the board of directors and assumed the role of president. Karly has up-close and personal knowledge of CF through observations of her brother, Kyle. We are already seeing that Karly will sustain the energy that Kori brought to CFFC.

We are also pleased that two volunteers have come forward to pick up responsibilities for the Hospital Help Packets. Mary Sabin will work with Highland while Jane Sullivan will coordinate with Golisano. Therefore, there will be no disruption in the supply of Hospital Help Packets. This is a good time to remind you to ask for a packet if one is not delivered in the first two days of a hospitalization.

While the biggest gaps have been filled, we would like to fill the remaining vacancies on the board of directors. Since CFFC supplements medical care, we are looking for individuals who deal with CF outside the clinic and hospital settings. We are particularly interested in adding directors who have current experience with raising a child with CF.

As set out in CFFC Director Responsibilities, members of the board of directors are more involved in defining programs than doing the work to carry out those programs. [Of course, directors are not barred from helping out.] If you have an interest in becoming a director, or have questions about the role, please contact us via

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