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Curious about feeding tubes?

Are you concerned about maintaining nutrition but even more concerned about getting a feeding tube? This is a topic that you certainly should discuss with your doctor, but it can also help to get the perspective of one of your peers with CF. Gunnar Esiason has provided that opportunity.

Gunnar has produced a number of videos to discuss his experience with the gastric feeding tube. To date, he has released three videos under the caption “Own Your Feeding Tube.” These offerings are:

  1. Episode 1: First day home – showing how easy it is to use a feeding tube and demonstrating the ENFit connection system
  2. Episode 2: What can I expect from my feeding tube – covering some frequently asked questions and some of the benefits of feeding tubes
  3. Episode 3: Normalcy with the feeding tube – how to maintain a physically active young adult life style

These links have also been added to our Information Resources, Life with CF section under the “Daily Life” heading.

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