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CFFC Education Night Update

Our planning committee has filled in most of the details for the 2018 Education Night. The key updates are the location (Steadfast, 200 East Avenue) and the program agenda (5:00 to 8:30) you can get more information about the event on the our calendar page for 2018 Education Night.

The one remaining detail is the selection of topics for the breakout group discussions. We are looking for your help with this final detail. Please complete the on line survey at to share your preferences. We will select the issues that generate the greatest interest in our community, with one exception. We will set up a group for “Adapting to life with CF: the first 5 years” if at least one person includes that topic in her/his top three choices.

We’re looking forward to renewing, and making new, connections across our community, as well increasing our understanding of topics relevant to life with CF.

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