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CF Roundtable – Winter 2019 Issue

The Winter 2019 edition of the CF Roundtable quarterly newsletter was just released by United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association, Inc (USACFA). The primary focus of this issue is organ transplantation.

You can download a PDF version of the current issues here:

If you prefer an online version, go here:

The contents of the current issue are described in the Editor’s Comments presented below.

Well, hasn’t 2018 been an up-and-down year? I hope that it has been mostly an up year for you. I believe that most of us have experienced weather that was strange with low temperatures one day and amazing heat the next. Of course, we all know that the stock market has been taking wild swings. Food prices continue to climb and medicines keep getting more expensive. I’m ready for a change, aren’t you?

As the year draws to a close, we take another look at organ transplants. We have articles about transplants and the processes involved from A. Whitney Brown and Martha S. Markovitz, LCSW. Each of them brings to the discussion a new perspective from a professional point of view.

We also have Focus articles from Colleen Adamson, Aaron Cunningham, Brad Dell, Elyse Elconin-Goldberg, Renee Fahrner, Lara Govendo, Zach Hayes, Tré LaRosa, Rima Manomaitis, Katy Starck Monte, Marissa Parks, Ashley Pearce and Alexia Stansbury. Some have had one or more transplants, others have not had one, while others have written about the process of getting listed or how someone else’s transplant journey affected them. There is much good information contained in these articles.

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes talks of transplant and trauma in “Spirit Medicine.” Andrea Eisenman uses “Transplant Talk” to tell of how she gets help from her friends with CF who have had transplants. I write, in “Speeding Past 50,” of how we can help others who are having transplants. Be sure to check out the “Poetry Corner” on page 44 where Elizabeth Honan Amber writes about Gratefulness.

As always, Laura Tillman has compiled a lot of helpful information for us in “Information From The Internet.” “In The Spotlight” features Micah Baker and his experience with Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC). Molly Pam uses the “Family Matters” column to write of talking about illness with children. “Ask The Attorney” finds Beth Sufian writing about the Affordable Care Act and the Ticket To Work program.

There are interesting items about various programs to be found throughout the newsletter. We hope you will take the time to look at them, especially the Looking Ahead box. Maybe there is an upcoming Focus topic that piques your interest; if so please write for us. We love to get submissions from our readers.

Until next time, please take good care of you, and stay healthy and happy.


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