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CF Roundtable – Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 edition of the CF Roundtable quarterly newsletter was just released by United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association, Inc (USACFA). The primary focus of this issue is planning for education and Careers.

You can download a PDF version of the current issues here:

If you prefer an online version, go here:

The contents of the current issue are described in the Editor’s Comments presented below.

We hope you enjoyed all of the information that was in the Winter 2019 issue of CF Roundtable. We were delighted to have so many writers participate. (By the way, we apologize for our error on the printed cover of that issue. Even though three of us checked the copy, we all missed that we had Autumn 2018 instead of Winter 2019 on the front page. It was, however, correct everywhere else in the print copy and all through the online copy.)

Beth Sufian does something a little different in “Ask The Attorney” for this issue. She reviews a movie, rather than writing about legal issues. Be sure to read her comments on Five Feet Apart.

As usual, Laura Tillman gives us the links to all the latest “Information From The Internet.” In “Family Matters” Cindy Baldwin talks of her experience with pregnancy while taking Kalydeco. Isabel Stenzel Byrnes writes of the resilience of people in “Spirit Medicine.” In “Speeding Past 50,” I write of the value of volunteering. “In The Spotlight” features an interview with Paul Quinton, who is a superstar in our community. I think you will enjoy his sense of humor.

I hope you find much to interest you in this issue. Be sure to check out “Looking Ahead” on page 3 to see if there is a topic that interests you. You don’t have to write on the Focus topic. You may write about anything that is CF-related and hasn’t been published previously. We would love to have you submit some of your writing or original poetry or art works.

Until next time, please stay healthy and happy,

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