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CF Roundtable – Autumn 2017 Issue

United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association, Inc (USACFA) just released the Autumn 2017 edition of the CF Roundtable quarterly newsletter. Dating And Relationships With CF is the focus topic for this issue. The theme articles include:

  • Growing Into Cystic Fibrosis
  • Love Me, Love Me Not?
  • Dating And CF: It Takes Time To Figure Out
  • Finding Love With A Chronic Illness
  • Dating Care Free (CF)
  • Are We That Different?

Other useful and interesting information can be found throughout the issue. For example, here are the topics covered in recurring columns:

  • LEAD ARTICLE: CF Gastrointestinal Myths Debunked
  • ASK THE ATTORNEY: Short Term and Long Term Disability Questions Answered
  • SPIRIT MEDICINE: The Spirit Of Interruptions

To get into the details of these articles and more, read or download CFR-Autumn-2017

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